Good Medicine In Glacier National Park
By: Adolph Hungry Wolf
CSKT E 99 .S54 G66 1971

Good Medicine in Glacier National Park is a collection of inspirational photos and stories from the days of the Blackfoot People. This book is part of a 4 part series created by Adolph Hungry Wolf.

I have always been intrigued by Glacier National Park and how it came to be and how the different areas have gotten their names and the origin stories behind those names. This 32 page book goes over some of the different areas in Glacier National Park such as Two Medicine, Cut Bank, St Mary’s Lake, Going to the Sun, and several mountain peaks throughout Glacier National Park.

The stories in this book give a history that most people don’t know on why the areas are named what they are named. The author brings you into the stories so you can actually envision being there. Being on the edge of the lake banks, the smell of mountain pine, the cool mountain breeze on your face, the feeling of calm and the spiritual value of these valleys. You can get a sense of what our ancestors experienced so many generations ago when the wildlife was abundant and they used the mountaintops for fasts, spiritual cleansing and camps. Reading through this book makes me think of all of the people who have gone through the park and have not truly looked at Glacier’s true beauty. After reading this book I will go back to Glacier with a new sense of my surroundings. I hope that you get a chance to read this book and you are able to imagine or put yourself in these stories and watch them unfold.

Originally posted November 2014