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    • Books and other library materials can be searched by keyword or subject using the SKC library catalog. In general, books for the Sciences are categorized in section Q in the Library of Congress Classification System. Additional specific call number ranges for SKC degrees are listed below.
      • Environmental Sciences| GE, TD
      • Forestry| SD
      • Hydrology | GB 651 – GB 2998, TC 1 – TC 978


    • The Reference Section of the library is also a great place to look for information. Some helpful titles:
      • CSE Writing Manuals
        • Scientific Style and Format, 6th Edition | Ref. T 11 .S386 1994
        • Scientific Style and Format, 7th Edition | Ref. T 11 .S386 2006
          (Kept on the Reserve Shelf)
      • Dictionary of Renewable Resources | Ref. S 922 .D53 2001
      • The Encyclopedia of North American Trees | Ref. QK 110 .B46 2000


  • InterLibrary Loan is a convenient way to obtain materials not available at the SKC Library.
Scholarly Journal Articles
    • In Print at SKC Library
Agricultural Research S 21 .R44 A37
American Scientist Q 1 .A64
Newest issue in Commons
Forest Science SD 1 .F655
High Country News TD 172 .H43
Newest issue in Commons
Intertribal Timber Council Newsletter SD 412 .N38
Newest issue in Commons
Journal of Forestry SD 1 .S63
Newest issue in Commons
Kelseya: Newsletter of the Montana Native Plant Association QK 1 .M66
Mountain Geologist QE 79 .M6
Scientific American T 1 .S5
Newest issue in Commons
Western Journal of Applied Forestry SD 1 .W47
  • Online Journals via SKC Databases
    • The titles listed below are just a sample of full-text journals available in Natural Resources.

    Environmental Science

    Journal Title Database Full-text Coverage
    Presents articles on the problems of modern technology as they affect the environment
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1975-present
    Environmental Research Journal
    Peer-reviewed coverage of research into air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interactions as part of the environment
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2009-present
    International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology (IJEST)
    Provides a forum for the international community of environmental professionals, with the intent of developing innovative solutions to environmental problems for public policy implementation, professional practice in science and technology
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2009-present
    International Journal of Environmental Studies
    Focuses on the relationship between humans and their environment
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1974-present
    Journal of Mountain Science
    Covers mountain environment, mountain ecology, mountain hazards, mountain resources and mountain development
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2011-present
    Local Environment
    An international refereed journal which focuses on local environmental and sustainable policy, politics and action
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1998-present
    Original research articles & letters, review articles, news of science in universities, industry & government, correspondence and opinion pieces
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1997-present
    Population & Environment
    Articles, commentary and reviews focusing on the linkages between demographic and environmental variables
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1997-present


    Journal Title Database Full-text Coverage
    Applied Vegetation Science
    Covers human impact on vegetation, particularly eutrophication, global change, nature conservation, nature management, restoration of plant communities, habitats of threatened plant species, the planning of semi-natural urban landscapes
    EbscoHost – Academic Source Complete 1999-present
    Canadian Journal of Forest Research
    Articles in silviculture, forest mensuration, harvesting, vegetation management, tree physiology, ecophysiology, dendrochronology, forest fire ecology, forest soil biology, biotechnology, forest genetics, tree improvement forest entomology, etc.
    EbscoHost – Academic Source Complete 2001-present
    Forest Pathology
    Covers forest tree diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mycoplasma; their biology, morphology, and pathology; disorders arising from genetic anomalies and physical or chemical factors in the environment etc.
    EbscoHost – Academic Source Complete 1971-present
    Forest Science
    Publishes articles on forestry research: silviculture, soils, biometry, disease, recreation, photosynthesis, and tree physiology, as well as all aspects of management and harvesting and policy analysis
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2009-present
    Forestry: International Journal of Forest Research
    Peer-reviewed coverage of all aspects of research, practice and policy that promote the sustainable development of forests, woodlands and trees
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1996-present
    Journal of Applied Entomology
    Presents original articles on current research in entomology applied to agriculture, forestry, biomedical areas, food, and feed storage
    EbscoHost – Academic Source Complete 1998-present
    Journal of Forest Research
    Contains research papers, notes, discussions, reviews and rapid communications cover all aspects of forestry, including silviculture, forest ecology, tree physiology, forest entomology and pathology, fire science and land management
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2003-present
    Journal of Forestry
    Keeping professionals informed about significant developments in forestry: economics, education, communication, entomology, pathology, fire, forest ecology, geospatial technologies, history, international forestry, measurements, policy, and recreation
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2009-present
    Journal of Sustainable Forestry EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2000-present
    Journal of Vegetation Science
    Publishes research relevant to the field of vegetation science
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 2001-present
    New Forests
    Covers all aspects of afforestation and reforestation and discusses reproduction of trees and forests originating from seed, seedlings or coppice
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2011-present
    Plant Ecology EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2003-present
    Tree Physiology
    Peer-reviewed coverage of all aspects of tree physiology including responses of forest, crop and ornamental tree species to acid rain, air pollutants, ultraviolet radiation and global warming
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1996-present


    Journal Title Database Full-text Coverage
    Covers disciplines focusing on the physical, ecological, biological, biogeochemical, geomorphological, drainage basin, mathematical and methodological aspects of ecohydrology
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2011-present
    Ground Water
    Technical publication strictly for hydrologists. Contains scientific analyses of pertinent ground water related subjects
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2005-present
    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
    The publication of original research in hydrology, placed within a holistic Earth System Science context
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2005-present
    Journal of the American Water Resources Association EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2007-present
    Journal of Environmental Hydrology
    Reports developments that are of interest to the full range of hydrologists and those interested in water and the environment
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2007-present
    Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
    All methods of irrigation, drainage and related water management are discussed, including water quality, weather modification and project formulation
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 1995-present
    Journal of Water Resource and Protection
    Dedicated to presenting the latest research in the advancement of water resources and protection
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2009-present
    Water and Environment Journal
    Coverage of worldwide aspects of the water cycle and environmental matters including the management of solid and hazardous wastes, control of air pollution, and environmental conservation
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2006-present
    Water Resources EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2000-present
    Water Resources Management
    Includes contributions on water resources assessment, development, conservation and control
    EbscoHost – Environment Complete 2011-present