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    • Books and other library materials can be searched by keyword or subject by using the SKC library catalog. In general, books for Social Work are categorized under sections HQ-HV in the Library of Congress Classification System. Helpful books on the clinical aspects of Social Work may also be categorized in sections RA-RC.
    • The Reference Section of the library is also a great place to look for information. Some helpful titles:
      • DSM-V| Ref. RC 455.2 .C4 D536 2013
      • Encyclopedia of Social Work| Ref. HV 12 .E53 2008
      • The Social Work Dictionary | Ref. HV 12 .B37 1999
  • InterLibrary Loan is a convenient way to obtain materials not available at the SKC Library.
Scholarly Journal Articles
  • In Print at SKC Library
    Addiction Today RC 563 .A33
    Alcohol Research & Health HV 5285 .A37
    Child Development HQ 750 .A1
    Child Development Perspectives HQ 767.8 .C43
    Child Welfare HV 701 .C52
    Counselor: Magazine for Addiction Professionals BF 637 .C6 M3
    Health & Social Work HV 687.2 .U5 H4
    Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs HV 5285 .J6
  • Online Journals via SKC Databases
    • The titles listed below are just a sample of full-text journals available in the field of Social Work.
    Journal Title Database Full-text Coverage
    Original papers, reviews, news, and notes about various forms of addiction
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1975-present
    Child & Family Social Work
    Concerned with research, theory, policy and practice in the field of social work with children and their families
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1998-present
    Child Welfare
    Articles on any aspect of administration, supervision, casework, group work, community organization, teaching, research or interpretation that extends knowledge in any child-family welfare or related service
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1990-present
    Health & Social Care in the Community
    Aims at a multidisciplinary approach recognizing the common ground between health and social care in the community
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1998-present
    International Journal of Social Welfare
    Peer reviewed interdisciplinary coverage of social forces of a global nature, such as demographic trends, migration patterns, the globalization of the economy, how these forces shape social welfare policies, social work practices worldwide
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1998-present
    Journal of Family Violence
    Interdisciplinary articles on the clinical and investigative concerning all forms of family violence for professionals in the fields of social work and psychology
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1997-present
    Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development
    Research, theory or program applications pertinent to multicultural and ethnic minority interest in all areas of counseling and human development
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1990-present
    Journal of Social Work Practice
    Provides a unique forum for the application of current understanding of unconscious processes to social work practice with individuals, couples, families, and other caretakers
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1999-present
    Social Work
    Publishes articles on all aspects of social work and social welfare that yield new insights into established practices, evaluate new techniques and research, examine current social problems, or provide critical analysis on problems in the profession
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1975-present
    Social Work Education
    Presents a forum for international debate on important issues, provides an opportunity for the expression of new ideas proposals on the structure and content of social care, social work education, training, development
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1999-present
    Social Work Research
    Publishes articles, review articles and commentary focusing on social work and practice-based research, evaluation and research studies contributing to knowledge about social work issues and problems
    EbscoHost – Academic Search Complete 1994-present