Even librarians use Google! Before you decide to use any general website information for your nursing assignments, ask yourself these questions!

Who? – Can you easily identify the author of the article? Is he or she qualified to share this information with you? How do you know?
Where? – Where did the information come from? How did it get from not existing to the website? What type of group sponsors the information? Is it a for-profit company, medical facility, or research institution? Who can post information on this site?
When? – When was the information posted or reviewed? Does the article cite research studies? Are those studies recent?
Why? – Why should you trust this information? Is the author summarizing other people’s research or her own work? Does it look like the author is biased?
To? – Who is this site meant to help? The general public? Patients? Nurses? Doctors?
How? – How is the information arranged? Is it organized? Do you have to click through lots of different pages to answer your questions? Are there typos? Are there pictures, advertisements, links, or videos that make the information look less credible?


What? Does the information really answer your question? Does it cover the basics of your topic, but avoid specifics? Should you find a primary source to make sure the information is accurate?
Would you trust a nurse to base your treatment plan on information from this site?

Print out a table to organize your thoughts here!

Good, Bad, and Ugly Examples

Do these articles look like good sources for a research report?