Put Sey (Good Enough)

CSKT PS 3505 .H375 P8 2008

Poems by Victor A. Charlo

The book “Put Sey”, by Victor Charlo takes the reader on a trip around the reservation to meet people and enjoy experiences through his poetry.  The book is a collection of work revolving around Dixon and the Flathead reservation.  The poetry is reflective of Native American views of everyday events and is mixed with Salish language.

“Victor Charlo is a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  He is a direct descendent of the chiefs who signed the Hellgate Treaty.  Born and raised on the Flathead Reservation in western Montana, Vic writes poems about reservation life and people, his family, and his journeys to visit the polar bears.  Vic earned degrees from the University of Montana and Gonzaga University.  The proud father of four children, Vic resides in Old Agency, near Dixon, Montana.  His daughter, April, translates her father’s poems into Salish.”


The poem “Smoke” is reminiscent of watching the smoke gather and flow in the sunlight, constantly moving and mesmerizing.  The poem reminds me of my Grandmother and her smoke, drinking tea and talking and laughing.


Jani Costilla