The Surrounded

Read by Jani Costilla

The Surrounded
By D’Arcy McNickle
CSKT PS 3523 .A2844 Sur 1978

The Surrounded takes place on the Flathead Indian reservation in the 1930’s during a time of prejudice and paternalism. Archilde Leon has returned home to a hard father and a mother that has returned to the “old ways”
reverting from Catechism. Archilde’s father, Max Leon, views his children as lazy and unmotivated toward success in terms that he views as valid. Archilde steps in to help his
father with harvesting and plans to leave as soon as it’s done. His plans
take a different turn as events change the course of his life.
I read this book and then reread it to make sure that I caught all the details
of this story. I think it is a great example of mixed cultures and finding a
place where we feel comfortable.
Jani Costilla