The best advice for learning citations is to think of places you use to find citation help like a rumor mill. The farther the information gets from the source; the less reliable the information becomes! While Owl Purdue has paper templates, Son of Citation seems to do the work for you, and the website you are using has a suggested citation at the bottom of the page, none of these sources are affiliated with the American Psychological Association (APA). apa

APA sets citation standards to make research easier to follow and understand. The standards are updated to accommodate new kinds of sources or ways of accessing sources. Right now, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is in the 6th edition and looks like the picture on the right. There are always copies available to use at the SKC Library.

If the book seems complicated, visit the APA Style Blog. APA employees write all the articles and break down concepts in easy-to-understand terms. There is even a search box!

If you still have questions, consider taking the one-credit GNSD 180 Citation Skills class offered by the SKC Instruction and Outreach Librarian or visit with a writing tutor.

Review the APA basics here.

A printable brochure guide is available here.

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